Easter basket ideas for baby, practical goodies and Montessori inspired toys

It’s that time of year again! Spring! I’m looking forward to warmer days outside with Ainsley and gardening. One of my favorite spring traditions as a child was of course getting an Easter basket on Easter Sunday! I wanted to share some of my favorite candy-free, educational easter basket ideas for baby.

My mom (oops, I mean the Easter bunny) always gave me a soft, stuffed bunny in my basket. It still makes me happy to think about those fluffy stuffed Easter bunnies. One year she gave me a robin-egg blue bunny that I affectionately named Flossy. “Floss” is the term for cotton candy where I was living in Canada at the time. So, the blue cotton candy colored bunny became Flossy. She went everywhere with me.

As a new mom, I think I’m so excited to be playing the part of Easter bunny and coordinating what’s inside the basket. As an almost 8-month-old baby, Ainsley isn’t quite old enough to be really expecting or needing a basket. However, it’s a fun excuse to get a few things for baby and to celebrate baby’s first Easter/the new spring season. We live in a really small house, and I’m always trying to limit the items we bring items in our home to be intentional and purposeful ones.

A lot of these items are Waldorf and Montessori-inspired and eco-friendly organic material items. I hope you find them to be practical ideas for your baby’s Easter basket! Some of the items are quick and easy to order from Amazon and others are from my favorite little shops and Etsy makers. If you love some of the hand-crafted items from this list, be sure to plan enough time to get those items from them. A lot of these gifts are also wonderful for spring baby showers or grandparent Easter gifts! I’ve included baby girl, baby boy and gender neutral items!

Wooden Shaker Eggs

These are a great substitute for plastic candy-filled eggs. We mostly use them for music play time. They have a nice soft rattle to them! They’re a great motor development toy as they’re a little more challenging of a shape for baby to pick up. Ainsley loves playing independently with them and chasing them across the floor.

Wood stroller and play clips

We use these on our stroller when we’re out and about. I use them to keep Ainsley’s blanket in place when it’s chilly. We also use them to keep Ainsley’s blackout curtains closed together in her room. They’re nice and gentle on fabrics. Sarah’s Silks is a brilliant small Waldorf toy company that advertises the clips for really anything a child can imagine them to be useful for! One of the neat suggestions I saw was to use them for fort building. They are held together by a large rubber band so they’re easy to grip. I imagine it would be fun for an older child to discover the mechanics of the two clip pieces and the rubber band!

Mary Meyer Oatmeal bunny musical pull toy

You have to have a bunny in there! This one is adorable and functional. This soft Mary Meyer Oatmeal Bunny is a musical pull toy. It has simple ties at the top that we use to attach the bunny to Ainsley’s car seat or stroller. It’s been helpful on-the-go to help soothe her to sleep when we end up at an appointment longer than expected. As a newborn we used to lay it next to her during diaper changes. Now that she’s a bit older, she enjoys snuggling it and lovingly tossing it across her play mat!

Guess how much I love you little library

There are so many great spring books out there but the Guess How Much I Love You books are so classic. This set of four is awesome. Ainsley loves being able to handle the books, they’re just her size. They’re easy to fit in a diaper bag for traveling. The bigger original Guess How Much I Love You book is sold separately from the Little Library set but we love it, too.

Ciala Co Leather Pacifier/Toy Clip

These are so great not just for pacifiers but also for keeping toys attached to your baby, the stroller or high chair! Ainsley loves to toss toys around and it’s nice when we’re in a restaurant or out and she essentially has a leash attached to her toys. Same goes for the pacifier. Anything we can do to keep it off the floor is great.

Vava Night Light/Touch glow portable lamp

I love love love this night light. When Ainsley was a newborn it was a Godsend for middle of the night diaper changes and feedings. You can control how bright it is with a simple touch, and you can also change how blue/yellow/white the light looks. As a photographer, that just tickles me. I love that it’s portable and easy to charge with a USB cord. And–it looks like an egg!

Wooden rattle with ring

A super sweet and simple Montessori/Waldorf wooden toy. This is one of the toys we often attach to her stroller. Ainsley loves to discover how the rings move across the rattle and how they sound when they’re moving.

Manhattan Skwish toy

If you follow me on instagram you’ve seen Ainsley holding this before. This might be our all time favorite toy. It’s what first encouraged her to roll (it squishes nearly flat when they roll on it!) and she still loved moving the beads around. It’s easy for smaller babies to grasp and fun for older babies to toss around.

Ciala Co Leather Bows

We love this shop and can’t resist how classic the leather bows are. They’re really well-made and are the perfect size. They ship from Hawaii but still always arrive really quickly! If you have dogs at home be warned that they’re delicious looking snacks to pups. We learned this the hard way!

Owlivia Organic Rabbit Sleeper

These are really cute footed jammies. They’re made from organic cotton and have rabbits on them! Perfect for spring. They have them in grey, too!

Basket Grass Eco-friendly and practical substitute UPF 50+ Blankets

Skip the fake grass and fill the bottom of the basket with a UPF blanket! We use these to keep Ainsley safe from the sun while at the beach, pool or even on a mid-day walk. They’re soft, lightweight and a pretty good size. We have a few we clip together using the wooden clips to create a sun barrier around her.

Cotton rope baskets

We have way too many random large baskets so I would be hesitant to buy another one just for Easter. These baskets are smaller and really functional! We use them to set toys up Montessori style for Ainsley. We usually offer her 3-4 different toys to play with and sometimes put a set of puzzles or balls in the baskets. She likes to maneuver them, empty them and roll around holding them. They come in a few sizes and colors. I use them to organize bows, socks and some other misc. smaller items.

Connected wood bead toys

Another great toy! Ainsley likes to smoosh these around and grab at the beads. I’m a sucker for the natural wood toys because they’re classic.

Gathre Leather Mat

We take this thing everywhere. We have a smaller one for diaper changes that we keep in the book bag. When she was smaller, it was also a great mat to whip out for on-the-go tummy time; she wasn’t mobile yet, so it was the perfect size. Now that she’s mobile we use the large or medium one most often. We used it on the pool deck while in San Juan, and at home I like to put it down in different rooms we’re in because well, we have a lot of dogs! We have the Blanc color.

Tabula Rose Resin Letter Magnets

Fridge magnets! A couple of friends ordered these for their kids and when I saw the shop carried a color called ‘Ainsley’ I had to get them. Our Ainsley loves sitting at the fridge and moving them around while I cook or microwave my morning coffee for the 5th time each day! If you place an order with her please let her know I sent you!

Wood single shape Montessori puzzle set

Simple, single-shape puzzles perfect for babies and even toddlers! Ainsley practices her pincer grasp when she reaches to pull the pieces out. A great learning tool!

I’d love to hear what you put in your baby’s first Easter basket! Follow me on Instagram and let me know if I missed something really neat or if you’re a maker and would like to be included! Happy Springs Friends. Thanks always for being part of our family’s story. xo