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You belong here.

For the once nervous for the first-date, led out the door by the best friends, cheered on as you took that optimistic leap of faith forward kind of friend.

The doesn’t miss a beat, sure of what’s right, not a thing you wouldn’t do for them, champion of family.

For the destination dreamer. Weekend airport warrior. Ready to jump on a plane for what’s next adventurer. 

The soak in the moment and overcome with joy as hard work and steady faith fall into place believer of good.

The wipe the streaming tear rolling down your face, look to the sky in gratitude followed by nervous laughter kind of feeler.

For the lover of beautiful details. Meaningful traditions. In between moments. Hair blowing in the wind kind of good time soul. 

Birds of a feather, you and I.

This place is for you. 

We are committed to preserving your experience as a couple as well as your guest’s experience while simultaneously capturing your celebration with an artful eye, quiet presence and intuitive ability to subtly anticipate needs. You will find that we are quick to put others at ease during intimate moments and guiding other professionals when needed. We vow to always have hearts eager to serve and the perspective that we are privileged to be trusted with documenting your legacy.

We are dedicated to aligning ourselves with experienced inclusive professionals who hold themselves to high ethical standards and cultural understanding. We believe in showing love to all individuals and tolerate nothing less.

Each year, we give back to our community in a variety of ways. See our most recent philanthropic efforts on the blog.

Our Promise

values and commitments

I’m a Canadian-born Carolina-raised tender-hearted idealist who believes light is a language. I think kindness matters and above all I am wild about capturing authentic images.  

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Jillian Frances Knight


Born in Canada and raised in North Carolina, Jillian’s love for photography began when she was an artistic and curious child eager to develop home portrait work from nostalgic 90’s disposable film cameras. As an inspired high school film student eager for the space to tell authentic human stories with her camera, Jillian photographed her first wedding the day of her high school graduation. 

She was awarded scholarships during her time at The Pennsylvania State University and graduated with a degree in Visual Journalism. She worked as independent photojournalist and staff photographer for five years before melding her passion for storytelling and love for weddings, an interest that grew while she was a photography intern at BRIDES Magazine in New York City. Notably, she photographed a photographic essay of the first two gay men to wed at the United States Military Academy for The New York Times.

Jillian’s dedication to authentically documenting love stories has earned her commissions across the world. Love stories unfolding from atop New York City rooftops to the coastal cliffs of Ireland and breathtaking waterfront in Lake Como, Italy. Never losing love for her roots and home, she joyfully tells love stories of couples in all corners of The United States including the Carolinas, Northern Virginia, New England and across to the Pacific Northwest, Bay Area and Southwest. 

Press and Accolades

Kind Words

- Amanda Honeycutt | CEO of Amanda Blair By Design | Designer + Event Planner

“As a wedding planner, pulling together an amazing vendor team is one of my favorite parts of the planning process. Jillian is one of the top Amanda Blair by Design referred photographers as she creates an experience for clients that is not only thoughtfully organized and professional but also personal. A photographer facilitates an intimate experience with the couple, their family, and guests, and Jillian provides an authentic joy and peace to her couples during these moments. As important as her demeanor the day-of, are the galleries she delivers to her couples. She is intentional about capturing every element of the day from the details the couple carefully selected with our team to the moments that happen in between the posed shots. We are so excited to continue working alongside Jillian!”

At the end of your celebration and days spent creating the memories that make up the first chapter of your history as a married couple, I want you to be able to pour through your images and remember.

 I want you to feel the images and be able to relive the unbounded joy you felt as you boldly declared your love and were blissfully present in the company of all of your favorite people. 

A complete collection of artfully composed storytelling details, poignant moments, and subtle emotions that triumphantly portray the story of you.  

An Authentic Approach