Garcelle & Joesph

Airlie Gardens | Wilmington, NC

An elegant spring garden coastal North Carolina tented wedding 

Garcelle and Joesph’s legacy as husband and wife began as they joyously celebrated with an elegant modern-chic tented garden party in the historic and famous by way of cinematic appearances Airlie Gardens. The women began their day with pampering and elegant poolside conversation at a local spa. The couple exchanged vows in a ceremony rich with tradition and family meaning inside of the historic early 1900 Spanish Baroque–style Basilica of Saint Mary, tucked in the historic district of downtown Wilmington, NC. Guests gathered amongst an elegant lawn lounge for their first celebratory drink and bite beneath a nearly 500 year old Southern Live Oak and draped with back-lit glowing Spanish moss. Inside the sailcloth tent, modern-chic place place settings and elegant stemware complimented by adorned by natural unobtrusive and yet ever-so-standout whimsically styled blooms invited guests to be seated for a al fresco supper. The savory decadent dinner was soon to be followed by poured champagne and an assortment of freshly baked pastel floral cake offerings from local bakeries. The romantic evening was marked with emotional poignant words, jubilant hands-in-the-air dancing and barefoot romantic walks across the grand lawn.